Emulated Woz Machine

Two years ago in 2014 I put together a half complete barely functioning emulator for the Apple 1. I called this project Emulated Woz Machine, an ode to the brilliant Steve Wozniak.

I found some new energy to continue working on this project. To kick it off I wrote a small patch and also started filing issues for things that need to happen to turn this project into something bigger than just a Christmas break hack.

My plan is to emulate the following:

  • The Apple 1, as sold in 1976 with an original 6502, 8KB RAM and just the Woz ROM.
  • The Replica 1, which is a modern re-implementation of the Apple 1 with 48KB memory, a 65C02 CPU and a ROM that runs either Applesoft Lite or KRUSADER
  • The Apple II family of computers, starting with the Apple ][+

And here are some initial thoughts about how to get there:

  • Cross platform (macOS, Linux, Window) code in plain C
  • Based on SDL 2.0
  • Fully Open Source

I specially think there is a strong need for a good Open Source Apple II emulator. There are some available, but then only for Windows, or not maintained, or half complete. I intend to change that with the Emulated Woz Machine.