EWM Update: Disk Progress

Here is some Disk ][ progress I made. The code that I finished on the weekend frustratingly did not work. It had just one weird bug in it, which truncated ‘raw’ tracks by 16 bytes. I think this threw off the disk firmware because it could not correctly synchronize. One line fix after I correctly diagnosed it this evening.

Big inspiration for this code is the Open Source Apple2JS Project project combined with reading Beneath Apple DOS.

This is not finished yet, but I think it works well enough for now.

Switching focus now to some more basics like supporting both text modes and low res graphics. My next goal is to be able to play Lemonade Stand in ‘full’ color.

(Lemonade Stand because I used to play it when I was a kid and it is a nice simple game with just Lo-Res graphics and text.)

If you are interested in playing around with my emulator, you can find the project at github.com/st3fan/ewm.

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