EWM Update: Boot Loader

EWM supports multiple machine profiles. Currently the Apple 1, Replica 1 and the Apple ][+. You can start an emulator with a specific machine profile easily from the command line:

ewm one --model=replica1
ewm two --model=apple2plus --drive1=choplifter.dsk

This is useful, but I think there is probably a more common case where people start the emulator by double clicking or tapping an app icon or maybe even auto-boot it on a Raspberry Pi.

So I am thinking about implementing a simple boot loader that runs when you start EWM without any arguments. Here is a first try:

EWM Boot Loader

(Eventually I would like to be able to fully save and restore the state of the emulator and give people the option to start from a saved emulator.)

If you are interested in playing around with my emulator, you can find the project at github.com/st3fan/ewm.

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