EWM Update: Small Things

Here is an overview of some small improvements I made this week. It has been hard to find quality time to work on this project so I am not going as fast as during the Christmas break.

The Apple 1 emulation in EWM now blinks the cursor. I did not know that it blinked until I saw some videos on YouTube.

I probably got the frequency wrong.

Control keys

In the Apple ][+ emulation, I now properly support Control-A to Control-Z. I tested this with the Apple II+ Dealer Diagnostics disk, which has a keyboard hardware test program. There is no date on it, but it is probably 1978 or so.

Disk images in .nib format

EWM can now load disk images in the .nib format. This is a format that does not just contain a dump of the track and sector data. Instead it has the raw encoded disk contents. It turned out that is the exact same internal format that EWM uses for the disk emulation code, so this was a pretty simple thing to do.

If you are interested in playing around with my emulator, you can find the project at github.com/st3fan/ewm.

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